Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kuyucuk Island

A small road bisects lake Kuyucuk into two so that there is no water flow between two parts and it causes human disturbance at lake Kuyucuk. This road had been constructed by local authority as a result of local villager's request in order to by-pass the main road for villagers who wants to reach their farms. It only shortens the length about a 500 meters so that it is really an useless road in the middle of the lake.

As a result of KuzeyDoga staff's lobbying to local authorities and villagers, it has been decided to cancel this road and convert it to an island in order to provide a safe place for breeding birds if we consider foxes are a serious threat for birds' nests and chicks. Human disturbance at the lake will be getting less when the road is converted to an island.

Kars governorship supported us and provided trucks and shovels to digg the road and spread it into the lake to create a breeding island. We have been told that it is going to take at least 10 days to process it. First digging started on March 23th, 2009.

This is how it looks like before the diggings:

This is how it is going to be after diggings:

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